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"How do we level the playing field in education?"


Imagine a world in which all schools operated at their peak level of performance, regardless of their location or economic status. We believe that this world is within reach. At HowDoWe, Inc., we build the software to help schools optimize their processes and be transparent about their needs, allowing them focus on what matters most ... creating the best possible student experience.



Transformation Through Transparency

Co-Founders Mike Anderson and Brian Letzter created HowDoWe, Inc. in 2015 after witnessing some of the challenges faced by teachers, principals, and administrators in today's schools. Mike, a marketing and finance professional, learned of a burned down building on a school campus in the South side of Chicago that had been sitting dormant for over two years, dilapidated. Brian, a military veteran, was inspired after handing out books to school children while serving in Iraq. He realized how important a role education plays in today's society, and how access to materials had such a direct impact on student advancement. These lifelong friends came together to find solutions, driven by a single question: How do we level the playing field in education? 

It is our belief at HowDoWe, that with the help of technology we can improve the learning environment for all students. We create products to support schools that are affordable and serve the interests of students, parents, administrators, and the community as a whole. We invite you to learn more about our landmark product designed to maximize school fundraising efforts, called HowToFund. 


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